Spotting @ Luton Airport (LTN - EGGW)

Written by Steven Gray 26th April 2007. Last updated 11th May 2008

Spotting at Luton is quite plentiful with it's mix of Commercial, Business and cargo traffic

Using a Digital Camera with 1.6x conversion you will be able to shoot the following types (sizes) of aircraft at around these focal lengths please follow the links to see photos of these aircraft types taken for these spots

To allow you learn the stand and taxiway number etc, please use (Taxiway & Hold Point Chart) & (Stand Parking Chart) Also included on these pdf's are the radio frequencies.

Airline Serving Regularly :- EasyJet, Ryanair, Wizzair, Sky Europe, FlyBe, Aer Arann, Monarch,  FlyThomson, Silverjet

(Click map above for a copy 1200x800  (Approx 198kb))

Spot A (Crash Gate)

(Click photo above for a copy 4888x900  (Approx 830kb))

Conditions Windy/Open Sun is normally behind you at this spot. (During summer months the setting sun will flare out the 08 end of the runway)

This is only really accessible by using a car.

Facilities include a mound of earth and Toilet facilities are supplied in the shape of a lovely hedge row. I recommended that a small 2 or 3 step stepladder is used as this will enable you to obtain enough height shot over the chain link fence but under the barbed wire fence.

Security patrol regularly on the inside of the fence and are very friendly toward us spotter. They will try to rush pass on the access road when they know something is landing as their vehicles will get in the way of shooting.

When runway 26 is in use you can shoot everything waiting to access the runway, as well as landing

When runway 08 is in use most aircraft will land and taxi pass to vacate the runway at the last exit onto taxiway A, how ever some smaller biz jet (Learjet LJ60, Cessna CJ1 etc) along with ATR 42/72 & BAe 146’s can and some times do brake and exit at the mid point of the runway

Spot B (Access road to the fire station)

Personally not one of my spots but can be used to shoot anything taxiing out on taxiway A as well as biz jets parked up on the end of the NWC parking area with the odd street lamp in the way

Spot C (Airport Terminal)

This enables shots of aircraft parked up on stands, the drop off car park has a 10minute time limit this should only be used for quickly snapping and the leaving again. ** As unattended cars will be towed away **

Spot D (Old Britannia Building)

(This is a view of Stand 62 and Stands 40 to 42L Click the photo for a 6145x900 pixels copy (Approx 501kb))

(This is a a view of Stands 5 to 9L Click the photo for a 4423x900 copy (Approx 352kb))

This spot is quite quiet, you can park up on the double yellow lines **just watch out for traffic wardens** airliner wise from here you can see every thing parked up on the hanger line, stands to 5 thru 9L & 9R as well as being able to Shoot photographs of aircraft parked on stands 6 to 9L and 9R through the chain link fence depending on other aircraft blocking your shots. Biz Jet wise from here you can see all of the Harrods parking on Stand 62 and as well as into rear hanger if the doors are open depending on how busy the parking is you can shoot most of the aircraft parked up with the odd street lamp in the way

Spot E (Over looking the Cargo Pan)

This requires you to climb a mound of earth and walk your way through some large weeds. This is only any good when the sun is high in the sky as a low setting sun will be in front of you.

Spot F (Public road Runway 26 Approach)

(Click photo above for a 3989x900 view "Approx 752kb")

There is only space to park up to 2 cars max here and ** one of the areas is in front of a crash gate which shouldn’t be blocked **. However from here you can see all landing aircraft on runway 26 as well as photographing standard over the head shots with or with out runway landing lights.


Spot A

Raytheon Premier 350mm

Beach 400XP


Hawker/Raytheon 125 / 800XP


Hawker/Raytheon 850XP


BAe 125-1000

Falcon 20 170mm
Learjet 40 170mm 
Learjet 45 170mm

Learjet 60


Cessna CJ1

Cessna C525 230mm
Cessna C550 230mm
Cessna C560 350mm

Cessna C650

Cessna 750 Citation X 170mm
Bombardier Challenger 300 180mm

Canadair Challenger 601


Canadair Challenger 604

Canadair CRJ 230mm
Falcon 900 180mm
Embraer 135 210mm
Gulfstream G200 105mm

Gulfstream III


Gulfstream IV

120mm 350mm waiting at Hold Point A1

Gulfstream V


Bombardier Global Express / 5000


Boeing BBJ


Airbus CJ




Spot A

Spot B

Spot C

Spot D

Spot F

Helicopters 160mm        
Light Single Aircraft (C152, PA-28, SR22) 350mm        
Light Twin Aircraft (PA-32, F406) 350mm        
Pilatus PC-12 150mm        
Beech King Air 170mm        
Beach 1900 350mm        

ATR 42

140mm 110mm Taxiing on Twy A      

ATR 72

BAe ATP 110mm        
Dornier 328 Jet & Prop 180mm        
Bombardier Dash-8-300/400 110mm        

BAe 146

Fokker F100 120mm        
MD-83/87 75mm        
Lockheed C-130 Hercules 230mm        
Boeing 727 350mm Taxiing on Twy D        

Boeing 737-200/300/700

100mm     170mm Parked on Stand 42  

Boeing 737-800

130mm   130mm Parked on Stand 45 120mm Parked on Stand 41 210mm

Airbus A319

90mm     300mm taxiing on Twy E  

Airbus A320

70mm       350mm

Airbus A321

Antonov An-12 100mm        
Yakovlev Yak-42 80mm        

Boeing 757



Boeing 767


Airbus A300/A310